Sakai squad members have been very busy in the last couple of weeks attending the Scottish International Open and the Meadowbank Open attaining some fantastic results, In the Scottish open we achieved one gold three silver and 2 bronze with Eve Watt winning a hard fought Gold with her outstanding performance, Elliot Macdonald was a silver medallist in the Cadets under 54kilo Billie Ross in the girls under 45 kilo and Liam Anderson boys under 45kilo were also silver medalists and The Bronze medals were taken by Logan Mitchell in the boys under 45kilo and the Team Of Sean Turnbull Ross Findlay and Kyle Mclean took the bronze in the blue ribbon event Mens Open team..

The next event was the Meadowbank Open Childrens event with another haul of medals going to Sakai fighters winning four gold and two silvers again Eve Watt was on tremendous form winning the Girls under 4feet 5 category ,Rhian Mitchell was another gold medal winner in the boys under 4feet 5 category this event was the biggest of the day with thirty two competitors taking part a great performance by Rhian, Euan Bell boys under 5feet 2 and Baxter Anderson boys under 4feet were Our other Gold medalists, Silvers were taken by Ally Mitchell in the Boys under 5feet and Scott Collins in the under 4feet Category, the Coaches were delighted with the results from the two events considering the high quality of the opponents in the two competitions the Sakai fighters did themselves proud,and sets them up for the next big event in Sheffield the British Four Nations ..

3 Gold 5 Silver 5 Bronze...Another great day at the Scottish Grand Prix with great performances Mark Marshall again winning Gold in the Vets Kumite...Billie Ross Gold Girls under 45kilo....David Rorrison Gold Mens over 70kilo.. Elliott McDonald Silver Boys under 45kilo....Jennifer Gray Silver Girls over 45kilo....Samantha Nicol Silver 14-15 years under 48kilo....Sean Turnbull Silver 16-17 years openweight.....Nicola Rainey Silver Womens Senior .....Scott Weir Bronze 14-15 years under 57kilo...... Cameron Rainey Bronze Boys 14-15 years under 52kilo .........Siobhan Cargill Bronze Womens Senior....Natalie Nicol Bronze Womens Senior and Mark Marshall Bronze Vets Kata..

5 Gold 3 Silver 4 Bronze The British 4 Nations took place in the magnificant Emirates Stadium Glasgow Sakai athletes excelled in their performances with Gold medals from Mark Marshall Vets kata & Vets Kumite Silver....Gary Kelly fought out his skin to win 2 Categories Mens u21 under 68kilo and the Senior men under 67kilo .....Adam El Shafei Gold in mens Senior under 60kilo and Silver in the under 21 Mens under 68kilo....Lewis Bryson Gold in the Boys 7years..... Natalie Nicol Silver Womens Senior under 61kilo and Bronze womens under 21 under 60kilo.....Scott Weir Bronze Boys 14-15 years Cadet under 57kilo.......David Rorrison mens Senior over 84kilo......Carter Jenkins Bronze Boys 9 years.. A big thanks to all the parents for their support ,the Coaches David Coulter Kris Coulter Mark McCall and Richard Mallinson for the hard work on the day with10 areas to look after and our referees Mark Mitchell and Mark Marshall

Gary Kelly and Adam El Shafei travelled to the Championships Gary in the mens Under 67 kilo categary and Adam in the under 60 kilo event with National Coach David Coulter

4 Athletes travelled to the event with Coach Mark McCall and came away with 1Gold 1 Silver and 2 Bronze Medals..Mark Marshall Gold Mens kata.. Womens under 60kilo Silver Natalie Nicol... Nicola Rainey Womens under 60 kilo..... Womens team Bronze Siobhan Cargill..Natalie Nicol and Nicola Rainey..

2 Gold Individual 3 Silver and 5 Bronze ..Gold was Taken by Mark Cunningham Mens veterens...Mark Marshall Veterens Kata.......Silver Siobhan Cargill womens Senior over 68kilo ...Carter Jenkins Boys under 33kilo Silver.....Bronze medals Cameron Blair Mens under 75kilo...Jennifer Gray Girls over 33kilo... Jay Turnbull Boys under 45kilo... Samantha Nicol Girls under 54kilo..Team events Womens Senior Bronze Siobhan Cargill.. Natalie Nicol and Nicola Rainey....Boys under 9years Carter Jenkins...Aaron Muir...Lewis Bryson Bronze Placing..

4 of our Athletes Travelled to the event with Coach Kris Coulter and came away with 1 Gold and 2 Bronze medals ...Kevin Weir was our Gold medal winner with a great performance in the 16-17 years under 75kilo event...Adam El Shafei took the bronze in the Mens under 60kilo...The Team of Gary Kelly ..Adam El Shafei and Cameron Blair took the Bronze in a tough Team event..

Chojinkai Junior Championships Penrith March 9th 2014
Lewis Bryson Gold Boys under 9years.....Carter Jenkins Boys 8-9years Silver...Lewis Sloan Boys Kickmaster Bronze...

Scottish Grand Prix February 2014
3 Gold 2 Silver and 4 Bronze..... Gary Kelly Gold Mens under 65kilo..Nicola Rainey Womens Senior Gold ...Mark Marshall Mens Vets Gold... Adam El Shafei Silver Mens Under 65kilo.. Natalie Nicol Womens Senior Silver.....Bronze medals Cameron Blair Mens under 65kilo .....Daniel Greig Mens Junior Grades Bronze....Siobhan Cargill Womens Senior Bronze... Scott Weir Boys under 52kilo Bronze..
Gary Kelly and Kevin Weir were both selected for the event in Gary was in the Under 21 under 68kilo and Kevin in the 16-17 years under 68kilo no results

WASQUHAL OPEN January 21st 2014
A week after the Paris Open the Wsquehal Open takes place...4 competitors from the Sakai competed Craig Moffat who was entered in the mens under 75kilo won his way through to the third round..Gary Kelly was in the Mens under 67kilo ...Adam El Shafei Mens under 60kilo and Cameron Blair Mens under 68kilo with no results..
Paris Open January 14th 2014
Gary Kelly and Adam El Shafei travelled to the Premier League event in Paris in early January along with Caoch Davy Coulter..Gary competed in the mens senior under 67kilo with getting to the 3rd round and got beat by his French opponent ..Adam won his first bout but was narrowly beat in his second fight..a great experience for the two boys ..

3 Gold 1 Silver and 3 Bronze were taken by the kids Logan Chilton Boys under 4feet 10...Jennifer Gray Girls under 4feet 10....Liam Collins Boys under 3feet 9... Silver Sarah Cunningham Girls under 5fet 2 .....Bronze medals Billie Ross Girls under 4fet 5... Stuart Hunter Boys over 63kilo....Jay Turnbull Boys under 5feet 2
Gary Kelly..Adam El Shafei and Kevin Weir were selected for the event Gary in the Under 21 under 68kilo category ...Adam in the 16-17 years Junior under 61kilo and Kevin in the 16-17 years under 68kilo event unfortunately no results ..Kris Coulter Travelled with the Team as one of the National Coaches Kris was successful in passing his exam to be a World Karate Federation Coach along with Gerry Fleming the Head National Coach.

Grand Prix Finale 2013
On the day of the event the club secured 2 Gold medal places..... and also 4 Grand Champions...3 silver medals and 2 Bronze medals...Gold medal winners on the day Craig Moffat mens under 75 kilo and Craig also was Grand prix Champion.....Sean Turnbull 16-17 years and also Grand Prix Champion....Liam Anderson Silver and Grand Prix Champion....Cameron Rainey Grand Prix champion Boys under 52kilo......Scott Weir Silver Boys under 52kilo....Nicola Rainey Womens Senior Silver......Stuart Hunter Boys over 53kilo Bronze .....Natalie Nicol womens Senior Bronze......

Sakai Karate club had a tremendous day at the Scottish Championships with 4 Gold in the Individual events 3 Gold in the Team events, 4 Silver in the Individuals 1 Silver in the In the Teams.... and 3 bronze Individual medals ....The 4 Golds in the individuals went to Lewis Bryson Boys under 4feet with a great display for one so young ...Craig Moffat in the Mens senior under 80kilo....Adam El Shafei in the 16-17 years under 65kilo....and Richard Mallinson in the Mens Openweight Vets........The 4 Silvers went to Billie Ross in the Girls under 4feet 4.... Lewis Sloan in the boys under 4feet.....Kevin Weir 16-17 years over 65kilo....Gary Kelly mens Senior under 70kilo.....Bronze medals were won by Aaron Muir Boys under 4feet 4........Scott Weir Boys under 55kilo.......and Sean Turnbull 16-17 years over 65kilo...Team event results Gold boys under 4feet Liam Collins..Lewis Bryson ...Lewis Sloan....16-17 years Adam El Shafei....Kevin Weir ....Sean Turnbull...and in the Blue ribbon event the mens Senior Team of Gary Kelly...Craig Moffat..Richard Mallinson.Team event silver was taken by the Boys under 4feet4 of Liam Anderson..Keegan McCrum...Aaron Muir

British International Open Emirates Glasgow 7th September 2013
The British Open had arecord number of Competitors taking 1260 over a one day event was phenomenal,Sakai members took 1 Gold with Adem El Shafei in the 16-17 years under 61kilo event with an outstanding display on the day,and 5 Bronze medals, Adam also took the Open weight Junior Bronze,the other four bronze were won by Gary Kelly taking two medals one in his weight category mens senior under 67kilo and the other in the under 21 mens under 68kilo. Carter Jenkins took the bronze in the boys u33 kilo event and Craig Moffat in the mens under 75kilo on the whole a great set of results as the quality of the event was excellent, well done to all others who competed

Results Scottish Grand Prix 25August
1 Gold 1 Silver and 2 Bronze Craig moffat took Gold with A fine display in the mens under 75kilo,Silver went to Liam Anderson in the Boys under 4feet 6 and Bronze medals to Sean Turnbull in the 16-17 years open and Scott Weir in the Boys under 58kilo

Results British 4 Nations Emirates 2 June 2013
Sakai karate club at this event took 3 Gold 2 Silver and 6 Bronze Gold medals were won by Craig Moffat in the mens senior under 75 kilo Gary kelly mens u67 kilo and Jamie Moffat in the veterens category,Silvers went to Jay Turnbull Boys under 52kilo Scott Weir boys under 58kilo and logan Chilton with 3 Bronze medal in the team category Open weight and Boys undr 33kilo and the team of Logan Chilton Aaron Muir and Liam Anderson

Results Meadowbank Open 19 May
the club had a fantastic day at the Meadowbank Open with eleven medals won 3 Gold 2 Silver and 6 Bronze medals, Gold medals were won by Liam Collins in the boys under 3feet9in event Logan Chilton in the boys under 4feet 10 and Sarah Cunningham in the Giirls under 4feet 10,Silvers Liam Anderson in the boys under 4feet5in Jennifer Gray Girls under 4feet 10 and Bronze medals went to Lewis Bryson Boys under 4feet,Lewis Sloan also Boys under 4feet,Kerry Gibson Girls under 4feet 5,Jay Turnbull Boys under 5feet2in, Elliott McDonald Boys under 5feet2in and Cameron Rainey Boys Cadet 14-15 years under 58kilo

Results Scottish Grand Prix 27th April
The club had a successful day with 1 Gold 1 Silver and 2 Bronze medals,Gold went to Craig Moffat in the mens senior under 75kilo event,Silver was achieved by Liam Anderson in the boys under 4feet 6in category and Bronze medals were won by Sean Turnbull in the 16 17 years junior open and Scott Weir in the boys 14-15 years under 52kilo

Results Meadowbank under 16years Championships Sunday 3rd March 2013

Sakai Karate Club had twenty  competitors at the Meadowbank open under 16years Competition With a good result with 2  first places   1 second place and 4 thirds,
first winner with  a great display was Billie Ross  in the Girls under 4feet 5inches and Stephanie also a winner in the Girls Under 4 feet 10inches, second place went to Frazer Mitchell in the Boys cadet 14-15 years  over 63kilo and the third places went to Carter Jenkins boys under 4feet 5inches, Sarah Cunningham Girls under 4feet 10inches  Luke Kelly Boys under 4feet 10inches  Logan Chilton Boys under 4feet 10inches and Liam Douglas in the Boys under 3 feet 9inches Great results from every Body.

Results Scottish Grand Prix Sunday 24 February 2013

Sakai karate club gave a good account of themselves at the first Scottish Grand Prix of the season with 4 Gold  3 silver and 4 bronze Gold medal winners were Scott Weir Boys 13 -15 years over 48 kilos, Sarah Cunningham  7-9 years, Jordan Malone Boys 14-15 years under 45kilo and Craig Moffat Mens senior over 78kilo, Silver medal places went to Frazer Mitchell Boys 14-15 years over 53kilo, Matthew Pratt Boys 7-9 years over 4 feet 6 inches, Gregor Malone Boys 14-15 years under 45kilo, Bronze places Luke Kelly Boys over 4feet 6inches  Liam Anderson Boys under 4feet 6in,Sean Turnbull 16-17 years open weight, Adam El Shafei 16-17 years open weight

 Haratsu Cup Poland February 2013
The Haratsu cup took place in February with Adam El Shafei coming Away from the competition with a well deserved Bronze medal, Gary Kelly and Kevin Weir were unlucky in their Categories it was agood event for the boys after their partcipation in the Europeans.

European Junior Championships Turkey 2013

Three members of the Sakai Karate Club have been selected to represent Scotland at the European Junior Championships in Konya Turkey, Kevin Weir 14-15 years under 70kilo Adam El Shafei 16-17years under 61 kilo and Gary Kelly 18- under 21 under 68kilo the boys will fly out on the 5th February and be in Turkey for a week and compete on  8th 9th 10th ,as part of their build up the boys were entered in the Worcester Open near Birmingham, Kevin Weir winning his Category 14-15 years open weight, Adam el Shafei  coming second in the 16-17 years open weight and Gary Kelly also placed second in his event the Senior open  Gary has also been busy competing in France at the Wasquhal Open  getting to the quarter final in the Senior under 68 kilo a good result for Gary as it was only his second Senior event


Sakai Karate Club were at the forefront of the Medal table at the Scottish Championships with a great set of results taking five Gold medals  three Silvers and seven Bronze, the Golds were taken by Scott Weir in the boys under 5feet 4 ,Kevin Weir 14-15 years  boys over 65kilo,Adam El Shafei 16-17 years under 65kilo, Craig Moffat mens under 80kilo and Kris Coulter Mens  veterens ,Silvers  Samantha Nicol 14-15 years under 47kilo, Natalie Nicol 16-17 years under 60kilo Richard Mallinson Mens Veterens , bronze places  Sean Turnbull  14-15 years under 65kilo,Nicola Rainey Senior women under 60kilo, Cameron Blair Mens under 70kilo,Taylor Holloway 14-15 years under 65kilo, Mark Marshall  Mens Veterns , Mark Mitchell Mens Veterens and the Team of Craig Moffat,Shahbaz, Mirza and Cameron Blair took Bronze
Coaches David and Kris Coulter were delighted with the results  a big thanks to all the squad for  for all the hard work put in over the year

Grand prix results
The last grand prix of the season took place in Wishaw with the Sakai Karate Club
Winning  three gold medals five silver and  one  bronze on the day, Gold medal winners were Craig Moffat Mens senior under 75kilo, Cameron Blair  Mens senior under 65kilo and Kevin Weir boys over 58kilo Silvers were taken by Darren Dunlop Mens senior under 65kilo, Samantha Nicol  girls under 48kilo Scott Weir Boys under  48kilo  Adam el Shafei Mens 16 17 years open  and Sarah Cunningham  Girls over 4 feet 6 , and the Bronze Medal  was taken by  Carter Jenkins under 4 feet 6 Boys,the results of the day were added to the points of the three other Grand Prix events in the year, and it was found Sakai had Five Grand Prix Champions  David Rorrison  Mens over 75kilo, Kevin Weir boys over 58kilo ,Darren Dunlop Mens under 65kilo,Adam El Shafei mens 16-17 years  and  Natalie Nicol womens 16-17 years missing from photo Craig Moffat and Adam El Shafei .

Sakai Karate Club members took 6 Gold 4 Silver and 3 Bronze,Gold medal winners were David Rorrison in the mens over 75kgs,Craig Moffat Mens under 75kgs,Darren Dunlop Mens under 65kgs Adam El Shafei 16-17 years,Gregor Malone Boys under 52kgs and Kevin Weir Boys over 58kgs,Silvers were taken by Jordan MaloneBoys under 52kgs,Shahbaz Mirza Mens under 75kgs,Cameron Blair Mens under 65kg and ,Nicola Rainey womens 16-17 years,Bronze places went to Sean Turnbull Boys over 58kgs,Cameron Rainey .Boys under 45kgs and Scott Weir in thge Same Category Boys under 45kgs,a tremendous set of results ,well done everybody

The British 4 nations goes from strength to strength with 805 Competitors from the Home Nations, Sakai fighters took 3 Gold 2 Silver and 5 Bronze not a bad outcome as we had only 16 competitors entered, 10 medals Won a good haul, Golds went the way of Kevin Weir Cadet u70kilo,Jamie Turnbull Mens Over 35 Veterens,Darren Dunlop Mens under 67kilos,Silvers went to Craig Moffat Mens under 75kilo, Jordan Malone Cadet under 52kilo,,Bronze medals were taken by Gregor Malone Cadet under 52kilo, Samantha Nicol under 45kilo Girls,Adam El Shafei 16-17 years Junior under 61kilo,Scott Weir Boys under 45kilo and David Rorrison Mens over 84kilo

Another event run excellent by Hamish Adam,Sakais Results were again commenable with 3 Gold 1 Silver 3 Bronze, Stephanie Gorman was on good form to take Gold in the Girls under 4feet 10,Frazer Mitchell took his Gold in the Boys over 5feet 8,Sean Turnbull was the third Gold in the Boys under 63 kilo,Scott Weir Silver in the boys under 5feet 2,Liam Anderson in his first competition outside the club took a great result with Bronze,Billie Ross Bronze in the Girls under 4feet 5 and Armajit Ma Bronze in the boys under 4 feet 5

The results from the event were not to bad with 1 Gold 2 Silver and 4 Bronze,the event was attended by about 700 competitors so to attain a place was agreat achievement,again Kevin Weir was victorious in his category the Cadet 14-15 years under 70kilo,Samantha Nicol got silver in the Girls under 45kilo and Gary kelly silver in the 16-17 Junior under 68kilo,Bronzes were taken by Nicola Rainey Women 16-17 years,Scott Weir Boys under 45kilo, Sean turnbull 14-15 years under 63kilo,and Cameron Blair a very well deserved Bronze in the mens under 67kilos,this was Camerons first outing since his opeation on his wrist which laid him out of action for over a .year

The Meadowbank open took place in March Sakai Travelled to the event with a small squad two of the team were successful in taking places Brothers Scott and Kevin Weir,Kevin took the honours with a Gold in the Boys over 58kilos and Scott coming home with a Bronze in the boys under 52 category.

Sakai Karate Club had a run of great results at the first Grand Prix of the new season with 3 Golds 3 Silvers and 6 Bronze. Golds were won by Scott Weir in the boys under 42 kilo event for 10-12years,Craig Moffat Mens under 75kilo,and David Rorrison Mens over 85kilo.Silvers were taken by Shahbaz Mirza under 75 being narrowly beate by Craig Moffat in the final,Darren Dunlop Mens Under 65kilo,and Natalie Nicol Womens 16-17years,Bronze medals went to Cameron Rainey,Boys under 42kilo,Logan Chilton Boys 7-9years,Nicola Rainey Womens 16-17 years,Kevin Weir 13-15 years over 58kilo,Taylor Holloway 13-15 years under 58kilo and Sean Turnbull 13-15 years over 58kilo.a great result for being so early in the season,welldone to everyone


The Sakai Karate Club took 2 gold 7 Silver and 5 bronze  Gregor Malone took Gold in the boys under 5feet , Adam El Shafei also won Gold in the 14 -15 years under 55kilo,silvers went to Mark Cunningham in the Veteran Mens category, Kevin Weir in the 14-15 years under 65kilo,Cameron Rainey in the Boys under 5feet and  Craig Moffat in the mens senior under 80 kilo ,Bronze medals were won by Scott Weir in the boys under 5feet, Scott Wilson Mens senior under 70kilo and Gary Kelly 16-17 years under 65kilo, the teams results were Silver were won in the womens 16-17 years for Nicola Rainey and Natalie Nicol ,Kevin Weir, Adam el Shafei and Sean Turnbull also took Silver in the 15-15 years Boys Team, and the Senior team of Darren Dunlop ,Scott Wilson and Mark Cunningham took Silver, the teams of Jordan Malone,Scott Weir and Cameron Rainey in the Boys under 5feet ,and Gregor Malone Hesham el Shafei and John Foster in the boys under 5feet 4in both teams took  Bronze



The Sakai Karate Club took 1 gold 4 Silver and 1 bronze and also had 4 Grand Championship Winners  Kevin Weir  was our Gold medal winner in the Boys over 58 kilo, Samantha Nicol took Silver in the Girls under 48kilo,Silver also went to Darren Dunlop in the Mens senior Under 65kilo, Scott Weir  Silver in the Boys under 42kilo,the the last silver was won in the Team event by Adam El Shafei and Kevin Weir, when the points for the 4 events over the year were calculated Sakai Karate Club Team Members  Kevin Weir Boys over 58 kilo, Adam El Shafei boys under 58kilo, Darren Dunlop Mens under 65kilo and Gregor Malone Boys under 48kilo were crowned Grand Champions for 2011,David And Kris Coulter Coaches of Sakai were delighted with the performances of all the Team members throughout a hard season congratulations goes to all the winners.

Six members of the squad travelled down to the event Darren Dunlop, Gary Kelly Samantha Nicol, Adam El Shafei, Kevin Weir and Natalie Nicol the Team came away with 3 Gold Darren Dunlop in the mens Senior under 67 kilo category Gary Kelly in the Mens 16-17 years under 68kilo and Samantha Nicol in the Girls under 43 kilo event


The Sakai Karate Club had some great results from some of our new fighters at Hamish Adam Competition in Edinburgh, Devon Reid took Gold in his first Competition outside of the club events in the boys under 3feet 9in, John Foster also took Gold in his first outing in the boys under 5feet 7in and Scott Weir took Silver in the Boys under 4feet 10

The third competition in the Grand Prix season took place with great results from the Sakai   Karate Club  winning 5 Gold  2 silver and 3 Bronze the Gold medal winners were Adam El Shafei in the boys under 58kilo category  Kevin Weir in the boys over 58 kilo, Darren Dunlop in the Mens under 65kilo Gregor Malone boys under 52kilo and Kris Coulter in the Mens under 75 kilo event this was Kris’s first competition in four years a great result for Kris , Silvers were taken by Samantha Nicol in the girls under 42kilo, Jay Turnbull  boys 7-9years over 4feet 6 ,Bronzes went to Jordan Malone  Boys under 52kilo, Natalie Nicol girls over 48 kilo and Gary Kelly Mens 16-17 years.

The Sakai Karate club travelled to the welsh Open with 13 competitors and came away with 5 medals 1 Gold 1 Silver and 3 Bronze Darren Dunlop was our Gold medal winner in the under 21 Mens under 68kilo category, darren also got Bronze in the mens Senior event under 67kilo it was an outstanding performance from Darren well done,the silver Medal was won byAdam El Shafei in the Boys under 16 years under 65kilo, Bronzes went to Samantha Nicol in the Girls under 14 years under 45kilo and the last Bronze was achieved by Natalie Nicol in the 16-17 years under 59 kilos

The Sakai Karate Club competed in the British 4 Nations Championships held in Sheffield  and came away with 7 medals, 1 Gold  2 Silver and 5 Bronze, The performance of the day was by Jordan Malone who won the Gold in the boys open weight for 10 and to 13 years beating much bigger opponents , Second places went to David Rorrison in the Mens senior over 84 kilo event and Richard Mallinson in the Mens Veterans  Category, Bronze medals were won by Natalie Nicol in the Female 14-15 under 54 kilos, Gary Kelly in the  16-17 years under 68 kilos, Adam El  Shafei 14-15 years under 52 kilo and the two other Bronze were taken by Gregor Malone in two categories the boys 10-13 years under 45kilos and also the open weight for 10-13 years

Kris and David Coulter were delighted with the results on the day as the quality of the competition was of the highest standard  and to get a place was a great achievement,

 Scottish Grand Prix June

The club had a great day at the Scottish Grand Prix with 7 gold 4 silver and 5 bronze medals, Jordan Malone took gold in the boys 13 – 15 years under 48 kilo ,Adam El Shafei was the winner in the boys 13 – 15 years under 58kilo, Gary Kelly took 1st place in the 16  - 17 years  category, Craig Moffat won the Mens under 75 kilo event, Darren Dunlop took Gold in the mens under 65kilo and David Rorrison won the Mens over 75 kilo, the seventh Gold was won by the Senior team of Darren Dunlop, David Rorrison and Craig Moffat. Silver Medals  were taken by Gregor Malone in the boys 13 -15 under 48 kilo, Sean Turnbull boys 13-15 years under 58kilos and Laura Rennie Womens Open Weight, the Team of Sean Turnbull and Kevin Weir also took the silver in the Junior Teams, the Bronze Medals were won by Fraser Mitchell boys 10 -12 years over 52kilo, Kevin Weir Boys 13 – 15 years over 58 kilo, Natalie Nicol 13 -15 Girls over  48 kilo Samantha Nicol  10-12 Girls under  43 kilo and the Bronze Medal also went to the team of Adam El Shafei and Taylor Holloway, Coaches  Kris and David Coulter were delighted with the results  from all the team members

 Scottish International Open

The event was a great success with fifteen countries participating  with  eight hundred competitors coming from  England, ,Wales, Ireland, Denmark, Egypt, Cameroon, Belgium, Sweden Hungary, Holland, Nigeria, Iran, France, Norway and Scotland, the Sakai Karate club had a great set of results with four Gold two Silver and five Bronze Medals
The gold medal winners were   Taylor Holloway Boys 12-13 years under 50kilo, Mark Marshall  Mens veterens Kata,  and Gary Kelly who had the top result of the weekend winning two categories 16 17 years under 67 kilo and the open weight event with a tremendous display, Silver medals went to Natalie Nicol in the girls 14 15 years under 54kilo, and the Junior team of Gregor Malone , Jordan Malone and Taylor Holloway being pipped  in the final by one point , Bronze placings were achieved by Mark Marshall winning his second medal in the mens Kata , Adam El Shafei in the Boys 14 15 years under 57kilo,  Stephanie Gorman
girls 7 9 Years over 30kilo, Samantha Nicol Girls 12 13 years under 40kilo,and Gregor Malone boys 12 13 years under 45kilo David and Kris Coulter the Coaches at the event were delighted with the performance and  Results of the squad due to all the hard work put into the  training for the event , especially Gary Kelly for the outstanding display  against  his foreign opponents especially  beating the  Junior world Champion from Egypt on his way to winning the Gold in the under 67 event.


The club had a tremendous set of results from the Scottish Championships held in Meadowbank Stadium .Club members took 6 Gold ,5 Silver and 4 Bronze individual medals, and 2 Gold 1 silver and 5 bronze in the Team events A highly successful day for the club this being one of our best results in the Scottish Championships,The Scottish Champions were Siobhan Callaghan in the Womens open Weight Junior Grades, Jamie Turnbull Mens Junior grade over 70 kilo, Gregor Malone Boys under 5feet 2 Adam el Shafei Boys under 5feet 7, Rowan Callaghan Girls under 4 feet, Sunny Sherry Boys under 4feet 4, Silver medallists were Shahbaz Mirza Mens senior under 70kilo,Jordan Malone Boys under 5feet 2 Kevin Weir Boys under 5feet 7,Craig Moffat Mens senior under 75kilo,Gary Kelly 16-17 year Men under 70kilo,Bronze medals went to Mark Cunningham in two events Mens Senior over 75kilo and Mens open Veterns,Damien Callaghan Mens Senior over 75kilo and Lewis Hood boys under 4feet 8, The Successful Teams that won Gold  were Craig Moffat, Jamie Turnbull and Darren Dunlop in the Mens premier event the Senior Team event, Gold also went to the Team of Kevin Weir, Adam el Shafei and Taylor Holloway,in the Boys under 5feet 7,  Silver Rowan Callaghan and Mirren Callaghan, in the Girls under 4feet Teams, 2 Bronze in the Senior Teams Damien Callaghan, Mark Cunningham and Tom Rainey also in the same Senior Team  event 3rd David Rorrison, Cameron Blair and Scott Wilson,  the three other Bronze places went to the three Junior Teams of Lewis Hood, Scott Weir and Jay Turnbull in the Boys under 4feet 8 event, Jordan Malone , Gregor Malone and Cameron Rainey in the Boys under 5feet2 Category and Rochelle Hume, Susanna McWhirter and Natalie Nicol in the Girls under 5feet 7 event, David and Kris Coulter the Coaches were delighted with the results and  of all the fighters on the day, especially with being Champions in  the blue ribboned event the Mens Senior Team and two Bronze also in the same event.


The Sakai karate club competed in the last Grand prix of the season in Wishaw Sport Centre with a tremendous set of results 6 Gold 3 silver and 7 bronze and 7 grand champions,
The winners on the day were Craig Moffat Mens Senior  under 75 kilo, Shahbaz Mirza Mens senior under 65kilo, Mark Cunningham Mens Senior over 75kilo, Jamie Turnbull Mens Junior open weight, Jordan Malone Boys 10 to 12 years under 42kilo,and Kevin Weir Boys 13 to 15 years under 58kilo,,,,, Silver medallists were, Adam El Shafei Boys 13 to 15 years under 48kilo, Cameron Blair Mens Senior under 65kilo, Sean Turnbull boys 13 to 15 years under 58kilo,,,, and Bronze medallists Gregor Malone Boys 10 to 12 years under 42kilo, Rochelle Hume Girls 13 to 15 years under 48 kilo, Natalie Nicol Girls 13 to 15 years over 48kilo,Taylor Holloway Boys 10 to 12 years Boys over 52kilo, Fraser Mitchell Boys 10 to 12 years over 52 kilo, Gary Kelly Boys 13 to 15 years over 58 kilo and Nicola Rainey Womens 16 17 years open weight, The Grand Champions are the top competitors over the course of four tournaments throughout the year, Sakai produced  seven Grand Champions  Kevin Weir Boys under 58kilo, Adam El Shafei Boys under 48kilo, Gary Kelly Boys over 58 kilo, Craig Moffat Mens Senior under 75kilo, Cameron Blair 16 17 years Mens open weight , Darren Dunlop and Shahbaz Mirza shared the title at Mens under 65kilo, Kris Coulter the Coach  was delighted with the results  and also with the consistency of the  performances of the team members throughout the year, Kris and David Coulter would like to take this opportunity to  thank  all the Team members for all the hard work they  have put in during the year, thanks also goes to the parents who supported them.

Sakai karate club were the most successful team at the Grangemouth open championships  with 6 gold medals 3 silver medals and 3 bronze
Mirren Callaghan was the first winner of the day in the girls boys mixed in the under 3feet 9 category,Cameron Rainey took the gold in the Boys junior grade under 4 feet 10, Samantha Nicol gold in the Girls under 4feet 10, Sean Turnbull 1st in the Boys junior grade under 5feet 7,Gary Kelly was champion in the boys over 5 feet 7 senior grades, Lewis Hood 1st boys under 4 feet5 senior grades,Silver medals went to Rowan Callaghan in the Mixed boys and girls under 4feet,Taylor Holloway took second in the Boys under 5 feet 7 junior grade, Adam El Shafei silver Boys under 5feet 7 senior grade,Bronze medals were won by Hesham el Shafei  boys junior  under 5feet 7, Gregor
Malone boys under 5feet 2 senior grade,and Kevin Weir boys under 5feet 7 senior grades

Scott Weir was the outstanding result of the weekend winning Gold in the boys under 45kilo event ,he was up against much bigger and heavier opponents well done Scott,Gary Kelly took silver in the under 63kilo category he was just pipped for the Gold by the english fighter,Nicola Rainey also won a Silver in the 16-17 years under 59kilo a great result for Nicola as it was her first senior event, Samantha Nicol under 42kilo won the Silver in another close fought affair, Bronze Medals went to Natalie Nicol under 54kilo,Kevin Weir over 45kilo,Cameron Blair and Darren Dunlop both Bronze Mens Senior under 67kilo,and Craig Moffat bronze

The British Karate Federation International Open Took place in the Kelvin Hall Glasgow with 15 Countries participating with over 700 competitors Sakai Karate Club were at the forefront in gaining 2 Gold Medals 3 Silver and 1 Bronze medal, Gary Kelly was the champion in taking Gold in the boys under 63kilo event with a very strong performance beating his Dutch opponent in the final,Debbie McRoberts also won Gold in the Disability Kata event with an outstanding result, Jordan Malone took Silver in the Boys Open weight event against much bigger and stronger opponents, Natalie Nicol gained Silver in the girls under 54kilo category getting narrowly beaten by her Dutch opponent,Kevin Weir won a Bronze medal in the boys over 45kilo event, The Team of Lewis Hood ,Jay Turnbull and Elliott McDonald took a Bronze in the 7 years to 9 years category.

Kevin Weir 1st boys under 58kilo, Cameron Blair 1st Cadet 16-17 years, Shahbaz Mirza 1st mens under 65kilo, Craig Moffat 2nd Mens under 75kilo, Darren Dunlop 2nd mens under 65kilo, Natalie Nicol 2nd Girls over 48kilo, Sean Turnbull 2nd boys under 48kilo,David Rorrison 2nd Mens over 75kilo, Adam el Shafei 3rd Boys under 48kilo,Gary Kelly 3rd Boys over 58kilo,Michelle Stewart 3rd Womens Junior Grades and Lewis Hood 3rd  Junior Kata, David And Kris Coulter the coaches were delighted with the results especially the Bronze Medal taken in the Junior Kata by Lewis Hood as we are not renouned for our Kata.

1 Gold 6 silver 5 Bronze
The Gold medal was won by Nicola Rainey in the Kata event for Junior Grades this was a great result , Nicola also took second in the fighting in the Girls over 50kilo category ,Second places were also taken By Kevin Weir in over 50kiloBoys, Shahbaz Mirza in the mens under 75 kilo,Cameron Blair mens 16-17 years,David Rorrison Mens over 75kilo, The senior team of Craig Moffat, Darren Dunlop,Shahbaz Mirza and David Rorrison also took Silver,  Bronze Medals were taken By Jay Turnbull Boys 6 to 8 years,Sean Turnbull Boys under 50kilo, Jordan Malone Boys under 50kilo Natalie Nicol Girls under 50kilo, Nicola Rainey was also part of a team that also took 3rd place, Nicola Rainey was the competitor of the Day Taking Gold silver and Bronze Medals

The Scottish International Open took place in Meadowbank Stadium on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th April, the event was still run ,the volcano eruption in Iceland decimated the entry from the countries that were supposed to attend France Denmark Sweden Holland Nigeria Norway, evan though the quality from the event was still there, Sakai members took the following categories Gary Kelly Gold Boys 14 15 years under 63kgs, Shahbaz Mirza gold mens senior under 67kgs,Adam El Shafei Silver boys 14 15 years under 57kgs,Craig Moffat 3rd Mens Senior under 75kgs,Nigel Crockett mens Veterens Bronze,
Sunday was the Junior events Gregor Malone was our only medal winner with a Silver in the Boys 10 11 years under 45kgs, in the Team event for boys 10 - 13 years Sakai took the Gold with a tremendous display from Gregor Malone, Kevin Weir and Jordan Malone,the boys were up against bigger and stronger fighters but came through with a display of excellant fighting spirit and tactics, Kris and David Coulter the coaches were delighted with the results from everyone but especially the Team Gold.

British Universities Championships Sunday 14th March 2010
Craig Moffat was once again the Champion in the Mens under 75 kilo category, Shahbaz Mirza was also Champion in the mens under 67kilo event.

Penrith Junior Championships Sunday 7th March 2010
Cameron Blair was our only winner with an outstanding performance to win the 16-17 years category ,Kevin Weir took 2nd place in the boys under 55kilo,Natalie Nicol 2nd place Girls under 55kilo,Gregor Malone 3rd Boys under 50kilo,Jack Butterworth 3rd Boys under 55kilo,Lewis Hood 3rd Boys 8 and 9 years,Scott Weir 3rd boys under 50kilo,Samantha Nicol 3rd Girls under 50kilo, Nicola Rainey 3rd Girls under 55kilo,, The Team events had great results with our team of Gregor Malone, Jordan Malone and Jack Butterworth taking 1st place Boys under 50kilo,Gary Kelly , Adam El Shafei and Kevin Weir were placed third in the boys over 55kilo category

Scottish Grand Prix Sunday 21st February 2010
Another great days results were had at the event, with Gary Kelly 1st Boys over 58kilo,Craig Moffat 1st Mens under 75 kilo,Cameron Blair 1st Mens 16-17 years,Darren Dunlop 1st Mens under 65kilo,Martin Cook 2nd mens Senior over 75kilo,David Kelly 2nd mens under 75kilo,Scott Wilson 2nd mens under 65kilo,Adam El Shafei 2nd Boys under 48kilo,Shahbaz Mirza 3rd mens under 65kilo,David Rorrison 3rd mens over 75kilo,Martin Cook 3rd Boys under 52kilo,Jack Butterworth 3rd boys under 48kilo,Justin Ronald 3rd Mens 16-17 years, and Ryan Gordon 3rd Boys under 48kilo.

A.M.A. International Open Sheffield 28th February 2010
Ten of our squad travelled to the A.M.A. International Open in Sheffield Cameron Blair was the first to take a place in the event,C
ameron took 2nd place 16-17 years, under 76kilo,Justin Ronald was 3rd in the 16-17 years under 68kilo,Adam El Shafei 3rd place boys under 52kilo, Gary Kelly 3rd Boys under 63kilo, and Scott Wilson 3rd mens senior under 67kilo

Scottish Championships Meadowbank 22nd November 2009
A good days results at the Scottish Championships from the members of the Sakai Karate Club,Gary Kelly was champion in his category Boys over 5feet 7in with another great performance which made up for his dissapointment at the World Championships,Craig Moffat was another winner in the mens under 75kilo category,David Kelly was second in the 16 -17 years category,Adam El Shafei was also second in his event Boys under 5feet 7in,Gregor Malone 3rd place Boys under 5feet 4in, and David Rorison 3rd in the senior over 75kilo,In the Team events the team of Adam El Shafei, Kevin Weir and Martin Cook came 2nd in the Boys under 5feet 7in Category, the 16-17 years team event saw our Team of Cameron Blair, David Kelly and Justin Ronald came 2nd,and our Girls Team which had two members Natalie Nicol and Nicola Rainey came 3rd in the girls under 5 feet 7in,Gregor Malone, Jordan Malone and Jack Butterworth also came 3rd in their category Boys under 5feet 4in,

Scottish Grand Prix Sunday 1st November Wishaw 2009
The results at this event were excellent the level of fighting from our athletes was the best that Kris and I have seen for a while ,this was the last event of the Grand Prix Calendar with the Grand Champions being decided, on the day we took 5 Grand Champions 7 First Places 5 second places and 4 third places an excellent haul.
Results of the day were Kevin Weir 1st Boys under 52kilo, Natalie Nicol 1st Girls under 48kilo, Adam El Shafei 1st Boys under 48kilo,Gregor Malone 1st Boys under 42kiloMartin Cook 1st Mens Senior over 75kilo Cameron Blair 1st 16-17 years, Craig Moffat 1st Mens Senior under 75kilo,second places were achieved by David Kelly 2nd 16-17 years,David Rorison 2nd Mens Senior over 75kilo,Darren Dunlop 2nd Mens Senior under 65kilo,Elliott Macdonald Boys 6-7 years,Nicola Rainey 2nd Girls over 48kilo,third places Fraser Mitchell 3rd Boys under 52kilo Jack Butterworth 3rd Boys under 52kilo,Samantha Nicol 3rd Girls under43kilo,Sean Turnbull 3rd Boys under 48kilo,and the Grand Champions who were decided when the point were rounded up were,Nicola Rainey over 48kilo Girls,Kevin Weir Boys under 52kilo,Natalie Nicol Girls under 48kilo,Adam El Shafei Boys under 48kilo,and finally Craig Moffat Mens senior under 75kilo,congratulations to all on a great performance

Meadowbank Junior Open Sunday 25th October 2009
The kids who travelled to Meadowbank in Edinburgh had a good day out with a string of good results with 6 winners and 3 thirds,Jordan Wilson was our first winner in the Boys under 4 feet 5in group, Jordan Malone 1st boys under 4 feet 10 a great result for Jordan, wth the best performance of the day,Martin Cook 1st Boys under 5feet 2in, Adam El Shafei 1st Boys under 5feet 7in Samantha Nicol 1st Girls under 4feet 10in, and Sean Turnbull 1st Boys under 5 feet 7in Junior Grades, Gregor Malone 3rd Boys under 4feet 10, Nicola Rainey 3rd Girls over 5 feet 7in and Jack Butterworth 3rd Boys under 4 feet 10 Junior Grades

A.M.A Open Sheffield Sunday 18th October 2009
Another set of great results for the ones who travelled down to the A.M.A Open in Sheffield on 18th September , Gary Kelly was again in Great form winning the Boys under 57 kilo category this was a good one in his build up for the World Cadets and Junior Championships coming up in November in Rabat Morocco, Cameron Blair was another impressive winner in his Category the 16-17 years under 75kilo, and Craig Moffat placed third in the Open weight event with a good performance

We had some great results from the event with two winners two seconds and three thirds,Jordan Wilson 1st Boys u 4feet 5,Adam El Shafei 1st U 5feet 2,Elliot McDonald 2nd Boys under 4feet 5,Jordan Malone 2nd Boys u 4feet 10,Fraser Mitchell 3rd Boys u 4feet 10,Samantha Nicol 3rd Girls u 4feet 10,Kevin Weir 3rd Boys u5feet 2

The Kenyukai open run by Tery Pottage took place in Manchester on Sunday 27th September, five fighters travelled to the event with the following results Gary Kelly was again on great form coming 1st in the over 55kgs event for boys under 16,Craig Moffat was also 1st in his category the mens under 75kgs, Martin Cook 3rd in the mens over 75kgs and in the senior Team event Sakai placed 1st with a great performance the team members were Craig Moffat,Martin Cook and Darren Dunlop, Darren was the outstanding fighter in the Team

The Scottish Grand Prix had some tremendous results from the fighters thet attended the event with winners,two seconds and six seconds,
Natalie Nicol 1st in the Girls u48kgs, Adam El Shafei 1st Boys U48kgs,Gregor Malone1st
Boys u 42kgs,Kevin Weir 1st Boys u52kgs,Gary Kelly 1st Boysu58kgs,Craig Moffat 1st Mens under 75kgs,Cameron Blair 2nd 16-18years,Paul Haswell 2nd Mens u65kgs,Samantha Nicol 3rd Girls u43kgs,Lewis Hood 3rd Boys u4feet 5,Nicola Rainey 3rd Girls ov 48kilo,Darren Dunlop 3rd Mens u 65kgs,Shahbaz Mirza 3rd Mens u65kgs,Martin Cook 3rd Mens ov 75kgs

The Saturday at the Championships was all the Senior ,Junior and Cadet events with members of the club taking a number of places, firstly was Natalie Nicol taking 3rd in the Cadet 14 &15 category under 48kilo,Gary Kelly reached the final but was narrowly beaten by his English opponent in the Cadet under 57kilo event, Justin Ronald was placed 2nd in the Junior mens under 67kilo,Shahbaz Mirza was a silver medallist in the Senior mens under 68kilos, A 3rd was taken by Scott Wilson in the same category.
Sunday the 6th saw all the under 15years events taking place Samantha Nicol started the day off with a 3rd Place in the Girls under 42kilo,In the Junior Team event Sakai placed 3rd with the Team members of
David Kelly, Cameron Blair and Justin Ronald.

Craig Moffat had another great result with 1st place in the Mens under 75kgs, Natalie Nicol came 2nd in the Girls under 50kgs,Lewis Hood 3rd Boys 8-9years,Kevin Weir 2nd place boys under 50 kgs

The 2nd Grand Prix of the season took place on Sunday 7th June 2009 in Wishaw with the following results, Craig Moffat 1st place mens senior under 75kgs in the same category Scott Fleming took 3rd place,Shahbaz Mirza 1st Mens Senior under 65kgs,Scott Wilson was beat into 2nd place and Daryll Latif 3rd, Mark Mitchell 2nd Mens senior over 75kgs,Steven McCall 2nd mens Junior Grade,Samantha Nicol 2nd Girls under 42kgs, Adam El Shafei and Ryan Gordon 3rd Boys under 45kgs,Kevin Weir 3rd place Boys under 58kgs,a great set of results well done everybody.

The Meadowbank Junior Open took place on Sunday 3rd May in Meadowbank Stadium Edinburgh sixteen members of the Sakai Karate Club took part in the event with some tremendous results, Scott Weir was first to compete winning his category the boys under 4feet 5in Scott beat another fighter from Sakai Lewis Hood(2nd) in the final it was a close fought battle, Findlay McDonald Came 3rd also in this category, it was a clean sweep for Sakai, Gregor Malone was another winner in the Boys under 4feet 10in kyu/dan grades event Gregor fought excellent to come out on top,Cameron Rainey was 3rd in the Boys under 4feet 10 Junior grades,Elliot McDonald in his first big competition was 3rd place in the Boys under 4 feet, Adam El Shafei 1st in the Boys under 5 feet 2in kyu/dan grades Adam came out the winner with a great performance and gets better with each competition, Gary Kelly 1st Boys under 5 feet 7in kyu/dan grades Gary is another one that fought excellent to win his category again.

David and Kris Coulter the coaches were delighted with the performances and results of the fighters,Sakai Karate Club in last few years has been working hard on their Youth Developement Policy that seems to be producing some great young fighters.

The Scottish International Open took place on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th of April in Meadowbank Stadium, The Saturday was all the senior events Kata and Kumite Shahbaz Mirza took 3rd place in the under 65kgs also David Kelly took a third place in the Cadet over 70kg, The Cadet Team of Cameron Blair, David Kelly, Justin Ronald and Paul Haswell took third place, on the Sunday the Junior events took place with Samantha Nicol taking 3rd place in the Girls 10 & 11Years under 35kgs, Natalie Nicol fought better with each round and came out the winner in the final of the Girls 12 & 13 years under 40kg , Adam El Shafei again produced a great performance to take the Gold in the Boys 12 & 13 years under 45kg, The Competition was of excellent quality with 10 countries taking part and 800 competitors in tota. l

Twenty four of our Junior members travelled to the Grangemouth Open Junior Championships held on Sunday 22nd of March, all the fighters fought excellent on the day wiith us winning 5 Gold 2 Silver and 4 Bronze Medals, First place of the Day went to Shahmir Mirza Boys under 4 feet who placed in second with a great run of results,this was Shahmirs first competition well done, next was Scott Weir Boys under 4 feet 5 who won the event with excellent fights, on his way to winning he beat Lewis Hood from Sakai in the semi final in a great fight Lewis Placed 3rd. Kevin Weir Boys Junior Under 5feet 2 was the next winner he also beat one of our fighters from Sakai Lewis Deay into second place, Taylor Holloway was also in this event Taylor gained a 3rd place ,in this event we were 1st second and 3rd a clean sweep,Samantha Nicol Girls under 4feet 10 took the Gold in her category with a fine performance, Adam El Shafei Boys under 5 feet 2 Kyu and Dan Grade
another great result for Adam. Niclola Rainey Girls Under 5 Feet 7 fought well to get through to the Semi Final but was just pipped for a place in the final Nicola placed 3rd, David Kelly 16-17 years had a good day coming in 3rd ,The Last result was Gary Kelly who came out the winner in the Boys under 5 feet 7 category with a professional performance and outstanding skill,Our thanks go out to Hamish Adam the organiser of the competition for great day.
result 5 Gold 2 Silver 4 Bronze

The Penrirh Junior and Cadet Championships were held on Sunday 8th March, the event was run by Doug James, the athletes that attended the Competition performed excellent,the first result of the day was a great win for Gregor Malone 1st in the boys 10 12 years and under 45kgs Gregor was on great form beating his much larger opponent in the final after taking a few heavy knocks, next up was Nicole Rainey who won the Girls 13 15 years under 50kgs with no problem, Gary Kelly was another winner again with a great performance just doing enough to win each fight he was never tested, Paul Haswell was by far the best of the day winning the 17-18 years open event with some of the best technique of the day a joy to watch, Justin Ronald came 3rd in the same category Justin was unlucky in his fight with Chris McDonald, Chris was a bit heavy with the contact with Justin sustaining a broken nose,thus Justin could not continue,Another fine prformance was from Adam El Shafei he was in the same category as Gary Kelly, Adam came out 3rd with some good fights.

It was a busy weekend with the A.M.A International Open being on the same weekend as the Scottish Grand Prix Kris Coulter and Mark McCall were the Coaches that travelled to the event with 14 Competitors,again the event was well attended with competitors from Iran Denmark Ukraine Wales Ireland and many more,we attained some tremendous results again Gary Kelly 1st(Spider) was again on great form winning his category Boys 14-15 under 57kgs adding to his great Bronze at the European Championships,Craig Moffat 1st was also on great form winning the Senior men under 75kg adding to the one he won last year another winner was Justin Ronald 1st in the Junior 17-18 under 68kgs Justin fought excellent in this event Scott Wilson 2nd was beat in a very close match with another Scottish opponent Steven Murray Scott also fought excellant throughout the day James Smillie and Mark Cunningham3rd in the mens Junior Grades this was a fine result for the two guys as it was their first outing away from home in a big tournament they both done exceptionally well,Darren Dunlop 3rd mens senior under 60kg and David Kelly 3rd 16-17 +78kg a goood result for both David and Darren.

The Scottish Grand Prix the first of the Season was held in Wishaw Sport Centre Wishaw on Sunday the 1st March 2009 the members who attended had a great day with the Following results Jacqueline Brown was 1st in the Womens Junior Grades beating Christina Bechell ito 2nd in the final Adam El Shafei Was also 1st in his category boys 13-15 under 48kgsNatalie Nicol was place 2nd in her category Girls 13-15 under 48kgs Nicola Rainey was also 2nd in the Girls 13-15 +48kg Lewiis Hood came 3rd in the boys 6&7years Kevin Weir also was 3rd in his event Boys 10-12 and under 52kgs Aaron Richmond 3rd place Boys 13-15 and under 58 kgs Samantha Nicol was 3rd in the Girls 10-12 under 43kgs

Craig Moffat and Shahbaz Mirza who attend Glasgow Universtity have won the Scottish Universities Team Event

Gary Kelly has had a tremendous result in the European Championships where he won a Bronze Medal in the Cadet under 52 kilo for 14 &15 years, Gary on his way to the bronze medal had 6 fights his first round opponent was a Slovakian who he beat 5 scores to 2
the second round fight was against a fighter from Andorra Gary won the fight on a walk over, his third round was against the boy from Finland again he won convincinely 5 scores to 0. round four he was up against one of the strong nations Spain again Gary was up to the mark and won by 3 scores to 0. fight five again Gary was pitted against a fighter from one of the strong nations Italy for a place in the final Gary was beat 5 scores to one, this meant with his opponent getting to the final it put Gary in the repercharge for the third place fight off against the strong Serbian, at the end of regular time 2 minutes it was a draw which meant Gary had to fight for a further minute and at the end of the extended minute it was still a draw so the judges had to make a decision, Gary was given the decision because he was more dominant in the fight, which gave him the Bronze medal Gary's Dad Mum and Brother travelled to Paris to support Gary and the rest of the Team and were delighted with the result.also Scotland gained another Bronze Medal with Amy Connell from Paisley. it was a tremendous result for Scotland winning two medals at a European Championships.


A good day was had by all at the Scottish Championships held in Meadowbank Stadium Edinburgh,32 members of Sakai along with their supporters travelled to the event , we had a great number of results, in the Junior events we did exceptionally well with Lewis Hood 1st in the Boys under 4 feet and Sunny Sherry coming 3rd in the same event the two boys also won the team event for boys under 4feet a great result as there should be 3 persons in a team,Scott Weir placed 3rd in the boys under 4feet 4in,Ryan Gordon came 3rd in the Boys under 5 feet,Samantha Nicol 3rd in the Girls Under 4 feet 8in,Gary Kelly 3rd Boys under 5 feet 7in,Steven McCall 3rd Mens Junior Grades,Jacqueline Brown 2nd Place womens Junior Grades,Paul Haswell 1st in the Cadet event under 70kilo Christina Bechelli 1st Women Junior Grades, Craig Moffat 1st Mens senior under 75kilo,In the Team events we had the following result Boys under 4feet 1st Sunny Sherry,Lewis Hood Boys under 5feet Team 2nd place Adam El Shafei, Kevin Weir and Taylor Holloway,Cadet men 3rd place David Kelly Cameron Blair and Paul Haswell,A special thanks goes out to all the parents who came along to support the fighters ,also to the Coaches who worked hard on the day Kris Coulter, Richard Mallinson and David Coulter.

Adam El Shafei 1st Boys Under 5feet
Samantha Nicol 1st Girls Under 4Feet 8
Gary Kelly 1st Boys under 5feet5
Scott Wilson 1st Cadet 16-17 Years
Justin Ronald 2nd Cadet 16-17 Years

The Scottish Grand Prix took place on Sunday 2nd November in Wishaw this was the final event of four that took place in 2008,Sakai had a number of great results,with Sakai lifting 5 Grand Prix Championship,the results are as follows
Adam El Shafei 1st Boys 13-15 years under 50kilo also Grand Prix Champion 2008
Natalie Nicol 1st Girls 13-15 years under 50kilo
Walter Douglas 3rd Boys 10-12 years under 52kilo
Nicola Rainey 3rd Girls 13-15 years under 60kilo
Gary Kelly Grand Prix Champion 2008 Boys 13-15 years Under 52kilo
Christina Bechelli 1st Womens Junior Grades Grand Prix Champion 2008
Steven McCall 1st Mens Junior Grades
Scott Wilson 1st Mens Cadet Grand Prix Champion 2008
Shahbaz Mirza 2nd Mens Cadet
Cameron Blair 3rd Mens Cadet Grand Prix Champion2008 Boys Over 58kilo
Justin Ronald 3rd Mens Cadet
Mark Mitchell 3rd Mens Senior Over 75kilo

The British Championships were held on Saturday 6th and Sunday the 7th of september
in the Ponds Forge Sheffield,eleven fighters travelled down to the event,we only had one
travel down on the Saturday for the junior event,Gary Kelly was the entry in the boys
under 50 kg Category,Gary's category was the largest with sixty competitors in it Gary
fought excellant to be narrowly beaten first to score in the final,
On the Sunday we had afew good results with David Kelly 3rd place in the Cadet ov 78kilo
event, Shahbaz Mirza fought through in his Category the under 68kg to win the title against his English opponent, Craig Moffat had a hard day fighting in three events the Junior u21
under 78kg,The senior under 75kg category and the senior openweight, Craig had a very successful day winning the title in the under 21 under 78kg second in the senior under 75kg and third in the Open weight. Well done to all the medal winners


The Scottish Grand Prix took place on Sunday 22nd June in Wishaw Sakai had 20 competitors at the event with the following results 6 winners 2 seconds and 3 thirds

Scott Fleming 1st Mens Over 75 kilo
Cameron Blair 1st Boys Over 58kilo
Gary Kelly 1st Boys under 55kilo
Scott Wilson 1st Cadet men
Craig Moffat 1st Mens Under 75kilo
Jacqueline Brown 1st Womens Junuior Grades
Ryan Gordon 2nd Boys Under 45kilo
Steven McCall 2nd Mens Junior Grades
Campbell Kerr 3rd Mens Over 75kilo
Adam El Shafei 3rd Boys under 45kilo


The Cumbria Open took place on Sunday 15th June in Sands Liesure Centre Carlisle
20 of our fighters took part in the event,we had some good results Gary Kelly took 1st in the Boys under 50 kilo category Gary has had a great year, Steven McCall in only his second competition won the Mens Junior Grade, Mark Cunningham was second to Steven where the fight was close,Christina Bechelli came second in the Womens Junior Grades,Ryan Gordon was in the Boys 9th to 4th Kyu under 50kilo and placed 3rd,Scott Wilson and Darren Dunlop were 3rd in the Cadet Mens category


The Commonwealth Karate Championships took place on Saturday 31st May and Sunday 1st June in Meadowbank Stadium Edinburgh,31 of our members took part in he event which was a great success with over 1,300 competitors taking part this has been the biggest tournament ever to take place in Scotland and Britain,

The events that took place on the Saturday were the Mens and womens Senior and Men and womens Cadets and the Elite Competition this event was for only National Team members
Scott Wilson fought through to the Final with some great results and was successful in Becoming Champion in the mens Cadet under 70kilo
Category, Shahbaz Mirza was also in this Category Shahbaz came 3rd again with some tough fights,
Teri Coulter again reached the Final she also had some hard contests but was beat by her great rival Pamela Robb, The result of the Saturday was our Cadet mens Team winning this category with a great performance on the way to the final they beat a South African team in the first round and also another South African Team in the Final,Darren Dunlop, Shahbaz Mirza and Scott Wilson Team Champions
Craig Moffat was in the Elite Categories this was the main event for National teams from South Africa ,Botswana, Canada, Wales, England Ireland, Ghana, New Zealand India, Craig fought in the elite under 75 event but was beaten in the early rounds,Craig was part of the Scottish National Team that contested the blue ribbon Team event this is the category every Team wants to win the Scotland Team was successful in winning the category against Botswana
with a great performance, Craig kept his best for this event winning all his fights to help Scotland win the Commonwealth Championships for Teams,Sakai would like to congratulate all who organised the event especially Hamish Adam and Paul Gianndrea who worked extremely hard to make the Championships a great success the next Championships will take place in India, On the Sunday we had only one Seccess with Gary Kelly winning the Boys 12 13 years under 55kilo,Gary once again had a great event with an outstanding performance considering two weeks ago he was doubtful with him breaking a bone in his foot ,Gary has had a good year also winning the Scottish International Open Last month,David and Kris would like to thank everyone who entered the event although some were not successful this was a big competition and it will be good for their experience for the all the parents who supported their kids once again thanks.David and Kris


Christina Bechelli one of Junior women grades competed in the event representing Glasgow university this is only Christinas 3rd competition,Christina won all her fights
to come 1st place well done.


We took 28 fighters to the competition over the 2 days, result of the competition went to Gary "spider"Kelly winning the boys 12-13years -55kg category beating a strong fighter from Latvia in final.

Cameron Blair 2nd boys 14-15years -70kg.
Natalie Nicol 3rd girls 12-13years -45kg.
Walter Douglas 3rd boys 12-13 -55kg.
Teri Coulter 2nd womens +60kg.
Steven Rooney 3rd mens senior -65kg.
Shabaz Mirza 3rd cadet -70kg.
Cadet Team 3rd, Mirza/Dunlop/Haswell/Wilson.


Craig Moffat placed 2nd in the under 75kg category the event attracted over 400 competitors from accross Britain, Graig reached the final with some ease , in the final he was leading his opponent when he landed a punch to the opponents face and was to heavy with the contact, and was disqualified, Craig with this result is eligable to attend the selection for the British University Team that will be competeing in the World University Championships taking place in Poland.



Shahbaz Mirza 1st Cadet Men under 70kgs
Cameron Blair 2nd Boys 13 - 15 years over 55kgs
David Kelly 3rd Cadet Men 3rd Over 70kgs

2nd Place Cadet Men Shahbaz Mirza - Darren Dunlop - Scott Fleming - David Kelly

2nd Place Boys 13 - 15 years over 50kgs Cameron Blair - Kenny Gill - Gary Kelly - Scott Dunlop.


Another good day was had at the Scottish Grand Prix the first one of the new season

Cameron Blair 1st 13 - 15 years over 58kgs
Adam El Shafei 1st 10 - 12 years under 42kgs
Gary Kelly 1st 13 -15 years under 48kgs
Gregor Malone 1st 8 - 9 years Boys
David Rorison 1st Mens Junior Grades
Campbell Kerr 1st Mens Senior over 75kgs
Jordan Malone 2nd 8 -9 years Boys
Scott Wilson 2nd Cadet 16 - 17 years
Christina Bechelli 2nd Womens Junior Grades
Chris Jamieson 2nd Mens Junior Grades
Mark Mitchell 2nd Mens Senior over 75kgs
Ryan Gordon 3rd Boys 10 - 12 years 3rd
Scott Gordon 3rd Boys 10 - 12 years 3rd
Darren Dunlop 3rd Cadet 16 - 17 years
Shahbaz Mirrza 3rd cadet 16 - 17 years
Jennifer Brown 3rd Womens Junior Grades
Mark Cunningham 3rd Mens Junior Grades



Twenty fighters attended the A.M.A International Open and came back with the following tremendous results

Craig Moffat, 1st place mens senior -75kg
Steven Rooney, 1st place mens senior -70kg
Scott Wilson, 1st Cadet -70kd
David Rorison, 1st mens junior grade,2nd mens senior open weight.
Garry Kelly,2nd boys -45kg
Mark Cunningham 3rd mens junior grade.3rd mens masters over 35yrs.
Teri Coulter 3rd womens over 60kg.
JUNIOR TEAM EVENT -55kg 1st place,3 man team.
Justin Ronald,Cameron Blair,Scott Dunlop









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